Reservoir Monitoring

Source vessel systems for 4D LoF / PRM surveys and OBN applications. The system supports single or multiple sources and triggered or continuous recording systems.

Asynchronous source control mitigates the effects of skewed tow geometry and provides support for dithered and apparition shooting methods. The system is also suitable for VSP (Vertical Seismic Profile) and supports spiral or walk-away shooting patterns. Trials have been conducted for autonomous source systems. Data management systems have been developed to automate QC and deliverables transfer to cloud storage and shore facilities.

  • Multiple source support.
  • Support for dithered and apparition shooting methods.
  • Event time-stamps by high-precision, bus-level timing components.
  • Shot trigger time alignment to recording sample boundary.
  • Quality reports and remote quality and status displays.
  • Management modules for cloud based data management and QC systems.
  • SPS, P190, P294, Px11, SPS Extended and customs file outputs.