High & Ultra High resolution Seismic

Triggerfish towed streamer and PCable systems have been developed to support the specific requirements for high resolution imaging on shallow target and hazard identification surveys. Systems provide sub-metre\sub-second shot intervals with real-time coverage monitoring and OGP output formats (Px11) that support higher precision in position logs. Bus level, GNSS synchronised timing hardware provides absolute event timing to microsecond precision.

  • Support for all industry standard streamer and recording systems.
  • Multiple source control with robust source identification in log files.
  • Sub-metre, sub-second event triggering.
  • Event time-stamps (UTC, IAT or GPS reference) by high-precision, bus-level timing components.
  • Real-time binning coverage.
  • Streamer and source positioning models utilising GNSS, acoustic, first-break, laser and compass sensors.
  • Catenary model for PCable systems.
  • Quality reports and remote quality and status displays.
  • P190, P294, Px11 and customs file outputs.