Installation and Support

Engineering support is available for survey start-up and shake-down. InProspect engineers are available to install and commission the system whilst the client vessels are alongside. They can also attend sea trials, providing support to the crew on the initial or any subsequent survey start-ups. Engineer / operators are also available for when the client requires a full suvey service.


Training is available at client site, InProspect, crew locations or on-line. Training is carried out using real systems (software/hardware) and data from in-house developed simulators that replay raw sensor data from field logs or synthetically created data. Training courses are tailored to suit survey specifics and operator experience level. Class sizes of 2-8 persons are recommended.

24 Hour support

System support is provided on a twenty-four basis. In-house systems are available to run client configurations to assist in indentifying issues and troubelshooting.


InPropsect can assist with survey design (preplots, geodetics, mapping, binning), with data analysis and can provide radio path modelling analysis. We can also advise on third-party hardware and software systems that support client operations.